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Domaine Fouassier

02 48 54 02 34
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Domaine Fouassier
  • 180 avenue de Verdun
    18300 Sancerre
  • 02 48 54 02 34
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Philosophy and Values of Domaine Fouassier, Sancerre Wine Producer

A shared passion for 10 generations with a dedicated know-how in terroir preservation
viticulteur sancerre

Our Working Philosophy as Winemakers in Sancerre (18)

We have chosen to work in harmony with our vines, focusing on terroir work and practices that respect soil life, plant balance, and the environment.

Because the quality of our grapes is essential, we place great importance on caring for our vines.

We prioritize vinification without oenological products to honor tradition. We intervene as little as possible and simply guide nature to obtain the best possible material.

 vin en amphore en terre cuite

Pioneers in the winemaking of our wines, we have chosen to embrace a tradition-respecting approach.

Since 2012, we have been producing wine in amphorae, as terracotta allows us to preserve the purity of grape varieties and terroirs without alteration. Since 2015, we have also been producing a white wine through maceration, to offer you cuvées with authentic aromas and colors.


Biodynamic Viticulture in Sancerre (18), Cher

Concerned about the quality of its wine, your Sancerre producer practices biodynamic viticulture to produce authentic quality wines while respecting the environment.

Our goal is to achieve unique and beneficial synergistic effects by working the soil with care, using the lunar calendar for cultivating the land, and avoiding the use of oenological products.

grappes raisin
vignoble sancerre

Committed Winemakers

The Fouassier estate is committed to respecting the ecosystem, with the principle of minimizing the environmental impact of viticultural practices while producing renowned wines.

  • Wildlife and flora: ban on insecticides since the 1990s
  • Fertilization: biodynamic compost
  • Cultivation method: natural cover crops in the vineyards
  • Soil work: zero herbicides
  • Biodiversity: replanting trees and hedges on the estate
  • Environmental and employee respect: no synthetic products used since the early 2000s

As committed winemakers, we aim to communicate transparently about the authenticity of our environmental commitment.

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