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Domaine Fouassier

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Domaine Fouassier
  • 180 avenue de Verdun
    18300 Sancerre
  • 02 48 54 02 34
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Fouassier Estate

Sancerre Wine Producer in Cher (18)

Winemakers for 10 generations

*Excessive alcohol consumption is harmful to your health, please drink responsibly

Direct Wine Sales in Sancerre (18), Cher Sancerre White, Red, Rosé, Wines of France
Biodynamic Viticulture in Sancerre (18), Centre region Discover committed winemakers practicing biodynamics and respecting biodiversity
domaine Fouassier,producteur de vin Sancerre

Domaine Fouassier Sancerre wine producer

Sancerre wine producers in Cher (18) for 10 generations, owning 60 hectares, primarily planted with Sauvignon.

In an era of standardization, we have been pioneers in the vinification of our 20 cuvées. Our wish is to let nature work to contribute to the production of our Sancerre wines in Cher (18) as we refuse to use modern winemaking techniques.

Biodynamic Viticulture Preserving Nature

We practice agriculture that respects the soil, water, living beings, and natural rhythms to produce wines with authentic flavors! It's obvious for us to preserve the environment to enhance our Sancerre terroirs.

Your Sancerre wine producer practices biodynamics. The lunar and biodynamic calendar guides tasks in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Committed to the quality of our wines, we are certified by the Biodyvin and Demeter labels.

vignoble du producteur de vin Sancerre
Sancerre wine

Your Sancerre wine producer invites you to explore the vineyard's geodiversity!

Sancerre Rosé, Sancerre Blanc, Sancerre Rouge, let yourself be seduced by our wines by participating in a tasting at our cellar.


FROM LAND AND LIGHT Domaine Fouassier Sancerre Wine Sales (18) at the Estate


The Vineyard

All our plots are located on the steep slopes around the village of Sancerre. They are situated on historically known places of the Sancerre appellation.

Sancerre vine

The Vine

The vine is our tool to create great wines that fully express their terroir. That's why we take the best possible care of it.


The Cellar

Work in the cellar begins at harvest time. It's well known that without beautiful grapes, there are no great wines!

Sancerre wine producer

A generation for biodynamic viticulture

Sancerre wine producer


Sancerre wine producer


Sancerre wine producer


Sancerre wine producer

The passion of the craft

Sancerre wine producer

Our Sancerre wines are the expression of our vineyard, reflecting the talent and passion of the people at Domaine Fouassier

Our History an eternal legacy

In 1966, after graduating from the Beaune viticultural school, Pierre Fouassier committed to developing the commercial activity of the estate while taking care of the cellar with his father, Raymond. At that time, they already owned 10 hectares.

From 1971, Jean-Michel, Pierre's younger brother, returned to the estate to take care of the cellar and vineyard in Sancerre, Cher (18).

The tenth generation of Domaine Fouassier began in 2000, with Benoit, the son of Jean-Michel, and in 2001, Paul, the son of Pierre, bringing a new dynamic to the operation and vineyard management at the estate.

vigneron Sancerre
cave Sancerre, vinification

The Art of Winemaking Traditional Expertise

In order to respect all the year's work in the vineyard, we refuse to use modern oenology products. Since ancient times, grape juice naturally turns into wine without artificial additives. We have preserved this ancestral method for crafting our wines. It's the only way to convey the essence of our terroirs in the wines!

Our News

Discover the news from your Sancerre wine producer in Cher (18)


24 April 2024

Notre boutique en centre-ville sera exceptionnellement ouverte :
mercredi 1er,
mercredi 08 mai 2024.
(Horaires habituels)
Elle sera également ouverte le jeudi 09 mai 2024.

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