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Domaine Fouassier

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Domaine Fouassier
  • 180 avenue de Verdun
    18300 Sancerre
  • 02 48 54 02 34
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Wine Estate - Vineyard in Sancerre (18), Cher -

Sancerre Red . Sancerre White . Sancerre Rosé

Respect for the Terroir of the Sancerre Wine Estate (18)

The uniqueness of your Sancerre wine producer is to vinify all vineyard plots separately since the 1980s.

As pioneers in these vinifications in Sancerre, we respect the terroir specific to each plot, which imparts different qualities. The vinification is carried out naturally and in the same containers.

Each terroir has its own distinct characteristics, allowing you to be charmed by cuvées with subtle flavors! You will find nuances related to the vineyard locations, their exposure, and their age in each of the wines.

Domaine Fouassier, an iconic wine estate in Sancerre (18), Cher.

Sauvignon produces quality dry white wines, appreciated for their freshness and structure. The Sauvignon grape soaks up a lot from the soil and climate, explaining the diversity of aromas that Sauvignon generates in Sancerre.

Pinot Noir wines are light and fruity, fine and delicate, full-bodied and rich. Enjoyable when served both chilled and at room temperature, these wines pair well with red meats, game, and some cheeses.

Refined Grape Varieties

Our Vineyard in Sancerre (18), Cher

Our parcels are vinified in stainless steel tanks to let the terroir express itself. Some of the cuvées from our vineyard in Sancerre (18) are vinified in terracotta jars. This winemaking method has seen a resurgence in recent years but is much older than barrels! In order to offer you authentic wines, our vineyard has multiple terroirs.

Crayeux limestone from Bourges, also known as "griottes" or "grous," is very calcareous terrain with few stones. The soil is very thin, and the subsoil is composed of chalk slabs. This terroir imparts a fruity and light taste to the wines of Sancerre (18).

Buzançais limestone and upper limestone layers are terrain rich in stones, where layers of clay marl are mixed with limestone. The limestone stones are fairly large and frost-resistant. Thanks to these terroirs, your vineyard in Sancerre (18) in Cher offers wines that require time to reveal their full aromatic potential and minerality.

The Marnes of Saint Doulchard, also known as "Kimmeridgian marls," are clayey and stony soils. These are "amorous" lands, difficult to access in wet weather. Thin layers of limestone separate the layers of clay. Wines from these terroirs take time to mature and have good aging potential.

Clay Formations with Flint are the youngest geological formations in the Sancerre (18) vineyard. These are clayey soils rich in flint stones, which accumulate heat and hasten grape maturation. Wines produced on this terroir open early, then close up for a while. They have excellent aging potential, and their extreme minerality gives them unparalleled precision. Discover these characterful wines.

vignoble à Sancerre (18) dans le Cher
vignoble à Sancerre (18) dans le Cher
vignoble à Sancerre (18) dans le Cher
vignoble à Sancerre (18) dans le Cher

Direct Wine Sales at the Vineyard in Sancerre (18)

We offer everyone the opportunity to enjoy our iconic cuvées by providing wine sales at the vineyard in Sancerre (18).

  • Producer of Sancerre Blanc
  • Producer of Sancerre Rouge
  • Producer of Sancerre Rosé
  • Producer of French wines

Because we want to make our wines accessible to everyone, you can find our wines in France and internationally!

Healthy and environmentally friendly production.

The winery in a few words

Discover the expertise of your winemaker. Our winery in Sancerre (18) in Cher is delighted to welcome you for a Sancerre tasting.

  • Vineyard in Sancerre (18)
  • Winery in Sancerre (18)
  • Direct sale of Sancerre wine
  • Producer of Sancerre
  • Sale of Sancerre at the property
  • Producer of white Sancerre wine
  • Producer of red Sancerre wine
  • Producer of rosé Sancerre wine
  • Wine tour and Sancerre wine tasting

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